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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 22 and 1 of my goals is accomplished

Well it is now Day 22 and I did get one of my goals accomplished which was to eat more.  It is definitely a hard thing when you are dealing with more than one evil.  I wasn't able to get out of the house yesterday, I will hopefully be able to do it today.  If not I have to take the kid tomorrow to the MVD so I will definitely be stepping out of the house tomorrow.

My husband is still eating how he chooses and surprisingly enough it is not bothering me.  My husband I feel has also been in denial about his food addiction.  I say that because he always wanted to blame me about falling off which made him fall him fall off.  I now on my lifestyle have been going 22 days straight and he has already wavered from his. He keeps going to the convenience store to buy Fritos and then dumps loads of their chili and nacho cheese on it.  And again surprisingly enough it has not bothered me. He keeps saying if yall are still on come the 10th I'm going to join you.  But I keep thinking like what part of I'm changing my life do you not get.  It's frustrating that he still kinds of doubts me.   But I am stronger than I have ever been and this is definitely happening.

Yesterdays Intake
Breakfast-2 chicken breast topped with cheese and 2 overmedium eggs
Lunch-1 hamburger patty topped with a little pico de gallo
Dinner-1 hamburger patty and 1 boiled chicken breast and a little saucer of chorizo y huevos (at different times in the evening)


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