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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 19 - Blogger I am sam

Well it is official that I blogging for me every morning is a habit.  It is definitely a new habit that I am happy with because it is so therapeutic for me.  I woke up super late this morning which is very rare for me but I didn't go to bed last night until about 1:30 up working pretty much the whole time.  So this morning I didn't wake up until 11:30 which is very rare for me and to go and hit the road.  I have been out and about all day long which is a good thing because it has caused me to be physically moving.

But it's funny because I felt like something was missing all day and I knew that I had missed my morning routine, which is blogging every morning.

So today is Day 19 and I am stronger than I have ever been in terms of what I need to do for myself and my health.  My daughter is actually also on board.  She is so funny, she told me that she was in line in the store and there was a guy behind her who had a tray of like Mexican Sweet Breads and Pastries and she felt herself getting just angry.  lol!!!  She said she was looking at him like really?  She was thinking to herself what are you like having a party or something?  So that caused me to say to her well honey if you want to get off this road you can.  I am strong enough to do this by myself.  She says to me no I don't want to.  I said really?  She said no I don't want to.  I said oh I thought you were just doing this for me so that I would be stronger and she was like well it started out that way but now "I choose not to be fatter tomorrow as well".

I don't think I could have been more proud.  I think we are actually going to do it this time.  But as a family, which makes me super hopeful for my future.

Yesterdays Intake
1 Tilapia Filet
2 Tilapia steaks
1 Cheeseburger without the bread
Lots of water

My Goals
I need to eat more
I need to get more physical


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