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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Things I miss!!! That I WILL do again!

Being obese, there are so many things that I can't do that I will be able to do again.  I'm sure this list will be an evolving one.
  1. Crossing my legs - I miss crossing my legs. Crossing my legs to me is such a lady like thing to do.
  2. Riding amusement rides - I used to be a Magic Mountain junkie. I think about the fact that my daughter has never been to any of my childhood favorite spots and that is basically because I can't enjoy it with her right now.

  3. Taking a shower effortlessly - When I shower it's like I walked a mile it is something that is so tasking for me. 
  4. Grocery Shopping - I do still grocery shop but not without an electric buggy. 
  5. Dancing - I used to be that chick that would be on the dance floor for hours (especially if the music was right)  Now I dance in my chair
  6. Strutting - When I used to walk, I walked into a room as if I was the one paying the bills, it was a level of confidence that I had.  Now I walk with so much pain that it strutting is the last thing on my mind or for that matter that I am even capable to do.
As I mentioned I am sure this list is going to be one that will continually grows.  Oh how I can't wait to my change of life begins.

3-days to D-day!


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