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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

On to the doctor ~ Already tired

So I have a pulmonary doctors appointment today (One of those glorious side effects of being obese)  I have sleep apnea.

I work from home so typically I don't have to put on what I call real clothes.  I simply just throw on what i call knock-abouts because no one will see me or for that matter smell me (I know super sad ;o)  Well today being that I have to go out into the real world means that I have to put on real world clothes.  Can I just say I am already exhausted?  This is completely ridiculous!!!  Who gets tired from getting dressed!!!  The more and more I come to these realizations the more madder I get at myself and the fat that now riddles my body.

I think as a result of it all I have begin to hate myself because I have allowed myself to get to this point.  I CANNOT DO THIS ANYMORE!!!  NO MORE!!!  If getting dressed for the real world makes me tired than dammit I need to start getting dressed for the real world everyday.  Who knows I just might begin to like myself again!!!


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