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Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 7 and time to weigh

Well I am now on Day 7 and I have to admit I feel pretty good.  Last night again I started craving for something sweet.  Wishing I had some form of low carb candy or ice cream but then I thought you didn't buy those things for a reason.  Tough it out.  So instead of purchasing the good-bad stuff I'm going to buy myself some l-glutamine.  I have been saying all along how this time is different well I totally mean that in every way.  I can't count how many times I've done this lifestyle and didn't acquire all of my necessary tools.  Necessary tools such as Keto sticks, Vitamins, scale, and lots of water.  Unfortunately with my financial situation I have to do one at a time.  So this week it will be some of my vitamins and the keto sticks.

Yesterday I did pretty good with the eating.  I didn't have lunch which I'm trying to not do.  I want to shoot for the 3 meals a day.  I just wasn't hungry.

B:Breakfast burrito with low carb tortilla
D:Collard Greens & baked chicken legs
120 ounces of water

Goals for today
1-Water Water Water
2-Find a way to weigh myself
3-Do some form of working out.


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