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Friday, June 21, 2013

Do your best to invest in yourself today; your future depends on it ~ Kris Carr & Need2behealthy

You probably saw the article that I posted yesterday from Kris Carr.  Whenever I find an article or a video that I think is worth sharing I break it down into components so that I can express how it will impact my journey.

Kris Carr
Do your best to invest in yourself today; your future depends on it.  Even on a limited income, we can each make small upgrades that have a massive impact on our health. And get this, your body will be so grateful that it will reward you tenfold. It will literally move mountains when you give it the slightest improvement. Now let’s get started!


Kris makes such a good point here.  I never thought of spending more money on better food was an investment in myself.  I would like to take it a step further, it is also an investment in my future.  I want to live and when I say live I don't mean stay alive.  I mean be active, there are so many things that I want to do or at least try to do before I leave this world.  From snow boarding to white water rafting to fishing to many more things that takes one to be physical and not weighing 470 pounds.

I want my lifestyle change to be a permanent one not one where in a couple of months I will be right back where I started.  Small upgrades is such a great way of saying improving your life and the food you intake.  Great article Kris!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

10 Simple Ways to Eat Clean & Save Green - Kris Carr Speaks

If you are a previous reader of my blog you know that I love Kris Carr.  She has been faced with so many health challenges and yet she still manages to be funny and entertaining with her health tips.

10 Simple Ways to Eat Clean & Save Green ~ Kris Carr

Hi Sweet Friends, 
Ever since I started sharing my journey from Hot Pockets to whole foods, I’ve often heard that it’s difficult to afford a healthier lifestyle. I won’t argue with you there. Real food is pricier than processed food made in a lab or a factory. And you will certainly see a jump in the grand total on your grocery receipts. But over time you’ll get the hang of it, and I promise it will become more manageable. There’s always a silver lining, my friends — and the price “jump” can be more of a baby bunny hop.
Today I’m sharing my top tips for saving money on nourishing, plant-based foods. But before I dive in, I hope to inspire you with this one statement:
Do your best to invest in yourself today; your future depends on it.Even on a limited income, we can each make small upgrades that have a massive impact on our health. And get this, your body will be so grateful that it will reward you tenfold. It will literally move mountains when you give it the slightest improvement. Now let’s get started!
Here are my go-to tips for nifty, thrifty plant-happy shopping:
1. Budget and meal plan. First step, set a comfortable budget. Then, examine your fridge andpantry. I bet you’ve got a lot of goodies in there. Next, map out your menu with my easy meal plan. Don’t skip this step, hot shot. Kitchen champions succeed not because they are the best of chefs, but because they plan their arses off. With more experience, you’ll get the hang of it.
2. Buy bulk. While navigating the grocery store head straight to the bulk bins and stock up! As your bulk food staples grow, you’ll have shorter shopping lists and an arsenal of inspiration for your home-cooked meals. Added bonus: Display your beautiful beans, grains and spices in mason jars throughout your kitchen. Home-decor, Crazy Sexy style!
3. Shop local: Farmers markets and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Farmers markets are a great place to buy organic foods on the cheap. In-season produce is almost always going to cost less, so try to be flexible and cook with the harvest. A CSA is another thrift-tastic way to eat with the seasons. If a CSA half-share seems like more veggies than you could eat or afford, see if a friend wants to go in on it with you. You can also freeze a portion of your haul for later or make a green juice! Here are some great websites for finding a market or CSA near you: Local HarvestEat Well GuideFarmers MarketFarmer’s Market Online.
4. Learn the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen: If you can’t afford a 100-percent organic lifestyle, don’t sweat it. Check out the Environmental Working Group’s lists to determine your priorities for organic purchases. They even created an iPhone app. Now that’s handy!
5. Stock up on the essentials during sales. I know it may seem like I’m giving you mixed messages, but if you arrive at the supermarket and there’s a big phat sale on organic bananas, snag those babies! They may not have been on your meal plan, but you can cut them up, freeze ‘em and pop them in your smoothies or soft serve ice cream later. The same goes for dry staples like grains and beans that aren’t going to go bad in your pantry.
6. Grow your greens. As you’ll see in the coming weeks, we’re starting our first vegetable garden (I’m so excited!). It’s exponentially more economical to grow your own food. Whether you live in a studio or a McMansion, there’s always room for a few pots of greens. A two-dollar packet of mixed lettuce seeds will support your salad habit for months. If you’re a city gardener, start by reading Urban Gardening for the Everyday Person. Then check out You Grow GirlGarden Girl TV and Urban Homestead. For country folks like myself, check out The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible and Four Season Farm. Want more? Stay tuned for my upcoming gardening video!
7. Cut back on restaurants. Aye, Chihuahua, do those restaurant bills pile up! Rather than escaping to the local Denny’s, make your kitchen the new hot spot. Fabu cookbooks, romantic dinners at home, potlucks, picnics and rowdy get-togethers all make dinner a family affair. I’m not saying that you should never step foot in a restaurant again; just try to limit your visits. If you’re intimidated by making anything beyond toast, learn the basics with me and Chef Chad Sarno through our online Crazy Sexy Cooking Classes. You’ll be a confident cook in no time.
8. Make your food last and get creative with leftovers. Wash and store your produce in Debbie Meyer Green Bags (they extend life expectancy). And when your produce looks like it’s about to go south, resuscitate it in a delicious stew. How about leftovers? Don’t toss them. With a little TLC, leftovers can be transformed into fresh new meals. Batch cooking is another way to save time and money. Double or triple your favorite recipe and freeze the leftovers for a quick and healthy meal when you’re in a pinch.
9. Buy used. Buying a new juicer or blender may not be in your budget, but what about a used one? Craigslist, eBay — even your friends and family — might have an affordable, gently used model. In the meantime, you can still juice with any old blender and strainer (cheesecloth or nut milk bags work great!).
10. Skip the bells and whistles. If you’re like me, you definitely have budget leaks, aka knee-jerk spending at Amazon, Target, Starbucks and on all those raw food goodies. Identify where you can tighten your belt and invest in your company (you are the CEO of your health after all), not someone else’s. Don’t let transforming your plate be intimidating or cost prohibitive. As always, you don’t need to upgrade everything all at once. Make a plan and pace your bank account.
As you can see, there are tons of ways to make a plant-powered plate work for your wallet if you’re ready to use a little elbow grease. When my food expenses start creeping up, it’s usually because I’m being a bit of a slacker, not because of my veg-inspired diet. I’m not planning my meals. My apron is dusty. The takeout menus get more play than my ukulele. Make new habits by trying one of my tips per week. You can do this!

Know The Difference!!!

I think of all the times even now I considered my past "setbacks" (up until now I called them failures) as complete and total failures.  I love this graphic because it unequivocally rings true and establishes a mindset that we should all have on this journey!

Gotta love social media this was posted by one of my co-members on a facebook group that I belong to.  Thank You Tameka for sharing!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

No more Donuts - Changing Each Day

With my addiction I have to be careful.  Here I am trying to make moves to change my life one step at a time.  I removed all types of candy from my life which is huge for me, now when I go to the grocery store it doesn't even bother me.  But what I ended up doing was replacing donuts for my candy.  Now keep in mind I ate donuts as well as candy before.  But it obviously increased when I removed candy from my life.  I realized that donuts were going to be a problem when one day last week I was super upset to the point of complete and total hyper ventilation.  When I was able to gather myself and my composure I asked my daughter to go and get me a couple of donuts, when she returned I ate them and I moaned and groaned the whole time.  It was very apparent that I found my new drug.  I felt guilty and ashamed and at that point decided that I will be eating no more donuts.  I am now a week without donuts and I have to say I feel pretty strong about it.  I can't believe this is actually working.

Having the hardest time right now - Changing Each Day

I never thought it was possible that I would have a difficult time blogging. I have kind of made it mantra to blog about the changes that I am making towards me becoming healthier. For some reason every time I tried to sit down and write, I couldn't think of what I really wanted to say. I wanted to make my subjects catchy and entertaining, as a result I really kind of place to much pressure on myself. The purpose of my blog is to share about my journey but more than that it is supposed to be cathartic for me, that is the highest priority. Believe it or not I am still making steps toward changing my life. Which is also really important to me.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How I'm changing each day!

I have been overweight all my life.  As I got older the more obese I got.  When I got married my weight/comfort-ability really got out of control.  I completely lost sight of who I once was.  I have tried every type of diet throughout my lifetime from JC to WW to Low Carb to just simply juicing.  The one thing that I have come to terms with at this point of my life is that it is not about the diet plan, if you are not mentally and emotionally ready.  I have to do what is necessary to change my life.  As the Edible Goddess mentioned in the video that I posted last week you have to be tapped into your why.  Which I will discuss in a later posting, who knows it might turn into a series (yeah I might be replacing my addiction to food with a blog series addiction ;o)... In my dreams)

I want things to be different, things have to be different.  I'm at the largest I have ever been in my life, and yes I have been blessed by the Lord above not to have Diabetes, or other core morbidity's, I feel that I am at a point where my body will just skip the core morbidity and go straight to the grave.  My point in all of this is I have decided to change me, all of me.  I have a series entitled "Changing Each Day"

But that does not necessarily mean that I will make a step every day it means that I make a step towards becoming healthy and in dealing with this progression I am changing each day.  First Step was coffee, Second Step was elimination of candy bars, and Third Step was caffeinated beverages-no coke, no dr. pepper.  In dealing with all of these items, removing them from my life it is changing me on a day to day basis.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Why Give up Coffee? What am I Thinking? - Changing Each Day

Here is the deal it has been 2 months since I have had coffee.  So far so good, but last week I'm drinking a 52 ounce cup of Dr. Pepper and when I finished it, I refilled it with RC and drank it, and then refilled again.  What was I thinking?  What was the point of giving up coffee if I was simply going to replace it with a different caffeinated beverage.  So as of last Wednesday I implemented my Third Step to Healthy in my Changing Each Day Series.

My 3rd Step in moving forward 

No Caffeinated Cold Beverages

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chocolate OH No! - Changing Each Day

I told ya I felt a series coming on!!!   The video I posted yesterday from Edible Goddess was so inspiring it will more than likely encourage me to do more than one series.

My most recent component on this journey of Change is no candy. OMG!!!  What can I possibly thinking right?   I love to eat candy at least one bar a day if not more.  I have gotten to the point now where I am so miserable in my day to day from all the pain that I endure that how can I reasonably enjoy candy or eating unhealthy as a whole for that matter.  But I think I am finally getting it.  Change is not about some drastic, multiple unwillingness.  Yes I said unwillingness!  You have to be honest with yourself as to what you are willing to do and what you are not willing to do.

It just so happened that I was willing to give up coffee.  It has been a hard 2 month road but I did it is done.  Now I am ready to take the hard road of no chocolate.  No candy of any kind.  This is a big one for me because I oh so love candy.  My dad was a smoker and every so often he would start back and then quit and start back again until finally he just stopped and I asked him what gave him the power to finally quit.  He said and I quote "With all of the coughing I was doing it just wasn't fun anymore".  Those words are ringing true to me now.  I live to eat and I really live to eat bad things.  The serotonin is released and I couldn't be happier.  As a result I am 470 pounds, I'm take 18 pills a day, I can barely walk, and I have so many core morbidity's that if I don't make some serious changes in my life I will be dead by 45 (I'm 43 now and will be 44 this year).

My life has to change and not just with drastic unwillingness.  I'm going to talk more about the power of willing and unwillingness in a different post.

So that's it No more chocolate and I am 5 days in!!  I need to replace the serotonin ;o)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Starting Somewhere - Changing each day

 I posted a video today from Edible Goddess that has
some amazing tips on changing your lifestyle.  This video was chock full of information for me the newbie on the block.  One of the things that she stated that I absolutely agreed with and respect is that when you decide to change your life, you have to start somewhere.

I find that to be so true.  There has to be a point of origin with anything you do.  You have to begin somewhere.  I think I began and didn't even realize I was beginning.  The one thing that I truly wanted to do was give up coffee.  Well it has been almost 2 months and I have had no coffee, I have had some tea, and I have had some other forms of caffeine but no coffee.

Coffee is now off my list

Simple Tips for Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes

As I begin another journey of change the one thing that I have to say that is always consistent is my ability to research.  When I have an interest or when I become involved with something, I am one of those that aggressively begins to research to find information, a community, videos, and anything and everything I can to fill myself with knowledge of that particular aspect.

So here we go another journey of change, but this time a broader perspective.  Before it was always about a diet such as Atkins, or doing what Joe Cross did and starting to Juice.  This time it is all about me becoming healthier and having a more enriched and healthier lifestyle.  I came across this video in my search to acquire some basic tips has to how I can change my way of living.  How my life as a whole can be more healthier.

These ladies do a great job of providing some basic tips on what one can do to change their lifestyle.  I feel a series coming on-I haven't had one of those in awhile.  I will definitely be taking some of their tips and incorporating them into my journey which means they will be placed in my blog.

Thanks Edible Goddess for a great video for a newbie such as myself

Monday, June 3, 2013

Look What's New!

A new Design for a new me!!!  I have a new attitude in my health and learning about being more healthier so I felt that my blog need to be a new one as well.

I hope you like the redesign it has a couple of really cool new features such as my social life, My suggestion posts, and (my favorite) new handy dandy photo slider.

I think that photo slider is going to be trouble ;o)