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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

No more Donuts - Changing Each Day

With my addiction I have to be careful.  Here I am trying to make moves to change my life one step at a time.  I removed all types of candy from my life which is huge for me, now when I go to the grocery store it doesn't even bother me.  But what I ended up doing was replacing donuts for my candy.  Now keep in mind I ate donuts as well as candy before.  But it obviously increased when I removed candy from my life.  I realized that donuts were going to be a problem when one day last week I was super upset to the point of complete and total hyper ventilation.  When I was able to gather myself and my composure I asked my daughter to go and get me a couple of donuts, when she returned I ate them and I moaned and groaned the whole time.  It was very apparent that I found my new drug.  I felt guilty and ashamed and at that point decided that I will be eating no more donuts.  I am now a week without donuts and I have to say I feel pretty strong about it.  I can't believe this is actually working.


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