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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chocolate OH No! - Changing Each Day

I told ya I felt a series coming on!!!   The video I posted yesterday from Edible Goddess was so inspiring it will more than likely encourage me to do more than one series.

My most recent component on this journey of Change is no candy. OMG!!!  What can I possibly thinking right?   I love to eat candy at least one bar a day if not more.  I have gotten to the point now where I am so miserable in my day to day from all the pain that I endure that how can I reasonably enjoy candy or eating unhealthy as a whole for that matter.  But I think I am finally getting it.  Change is not about some drastic, multiple unwillingness.  Yes I said unwillingness!  You have to be honest with yourself as to what you are willing to do and what you are not willing to do.

It just so happened that I was willing to give up coffee.  It has been a hard 2 month road but I did it is done.  Now I am ready to take the hard road of no chocolate.  No candy of any kind.  This is a big one for me because I oh so love candy.  My dad was a smoker and every so often he would start back and then quit and start back again until finally he just stopped and I asked him what gave him the power to finally quit.  He said and I quote "With all of the coughing I was doing it just wasn't fun anymore".  Those words are ringing true to me now.  I live to eat and I really live to eat bad things.  The serotonin is released and I couldn't be happier.  As a result I am 470 pounds, I'm take 18 pills a day, I can barely walk, and I have so many core morbidity's that if I don't make some serious changes in my life I will be dead by 45 (I'm 43 now and will be 44 this year).

My life has to change and not just with drastic unwillingness.  I'm going to talk more about the power of willing and unwillingness in a different post.

So that's it No more chocolate and I am 5 days in!!  I need to replace the serotonin ;o)


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