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Friday, June 21, 2013

Do your best to invest in yourself today; your future depends on it ~ Kris Carr & Need2behealthy

You probably saw the article that I posted yesterday from Kris Carr.  Whenever I find an article or a video that I think is worth sharing I break it down into components so that I can express how it will impact my journey.

Kris Carr
Do your best to invest in yourself today; your future depends on it.  Even on a limited income, we can each make small upgrades that have a massive impact on our health. And get this, your body will be so grateful that it will reward you tenfold. It will literally move mountains when you give it the slightest improvement. Now let’s get started!


Kris makes such a good point here.  I never thought of spending more money on better food was an investment in myself.  I would like to take it a step further, it is also an investment in my future.  I want to live and when I say live I don't mean stay alive.  I mean be active, there are so many things that I want to do or at least try to do before I leave this world.  From snow boarding to white water rafting to fishing to many more things that takes one to be physical and not weighing 470 pounds.

I want my lifestyle change to be a permanent one not one where in a couple of months I will be right back where I started.  Small upgrades is such a great way of saying improving your life and the food you intake.  Great article Kris!!


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