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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How I'm changing each day!

I have been overweight all my life.  As I got older the more obese I got.  When I got married my weight/comfort-ability really got out of control.  I completely lost sight of who I once was.  I have tried every type of diet throughout my lifetime from JC to WW to Low Carb to just simply juicing.  The one thing that I have come to terms with at this point of my life is that it is not about the diet plan, if you are not mentally and emotionally ready.  I have to do what is necessary to change my life.  As the Edible Goddess mentioned in the video that I posted last week you have to be tapped into your why.  Which I will discuss in a later posting, who knows it might turn into a series (yeah I might be replacing my addiction to food with a blog series addiction ;o)... In my dreams)

I want things to be different, things have to be different.  I'm at the largest I have ever been in my life, and yes I have been blessed by the Lord above not to have Diabetes, or other core morbidity's, I feel that I am at a point where my body will just skip the core morbidity and go straight to the grave.  My point in all of this is I have decided to change me, all of me.  I have a series entitled "Changing Each Day"

But that does not necessarily mean that I will make a step every day it means that I make a step towards becoming healthy and in dealing with this progression I am changing each day.  First Step was coffee, Second Step was elimination of candy bars, and Third Step was caffeinated beverages-no coke, no dr. pepper.  In dealing with all of these items, removing them from my life it is changing me on a day to day basis.


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