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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 6 and I'm loving my way of life

I love each and every day more and more that I chose this lifestyle the more people doubt me and the lifestyle the more certain I am that it is for me.  In my post yesterday I received a comment from a woman by the name of Johannah and she, as you can see, shared her story.  I am so overwhelmed by the response I am getting as a whole from my blog and the posting on LCF, I truly cannot imagine being successful without any of my new found support from both entities.

Johannah in her comment stated something she does that was truly powerful to me.  She asked herself
 "I just ask myself if I want to wake up fatter tomorrow or not"
I love it!!!  Here I have been using anyone and everyone that doubts me as a way to be focused but in addition to that it should be about me and what I choose and want for myself. And very simply do I or do I not want to wake up fatter tomorrow?  Well I'm here to tell you I DON'T!!!  I'm so done with being fatter the next day.  I've said it once I've said it twice I'M DONE!!!

So yesterday I got out of the house went to LA Fitness which is way to much for me right now so I'm back to doing this myself at home so now the goal is to find some videos that I can download that I will like (has to have good music ;o)  Yesterday from a food perspective went well.  I didn't get in as much water as I would have liked as I was out and about but my food was as follows:

B: Egg, cheese, bacon in a low carb tortilla
Late Lunch:  Salad with chicken breast on top
Late Dinner:  Chinese Chicken lettuce wraps (which I made myself and were really good)

My goal for today:

1-Find a video that I like to begin workout tomorrow
2-Drink my water
3-Get prepared for the week from a cooking perspective (We are going to make Scottish Eggs and breakfast muffins so all we have to do is freeze them and take them out each day and stick in the microwave.


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