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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 12 - I can't believe it

Well it is Day 12 and I can't believe I made it this far.  I got to see the doctor yesterday and he has me on a whole battery of meds to try and fix these issues with my leg.  He did say that he sees the water has reduced but the pain is still there.  So he is now trying to determine if it is the nerves in my legs, the tendons in my legs, or the bones.  One thing is for sure all 3 of the meds I take knock me out so there is no excuse about not getting any sleep.  I told the doctor that I am really trying to do better, I am trying to eat better, I am drinking more water, and he said to me Jean I don't have a problem with the way you have eaten.  You obviously eat pretty healthy because all of your tests tell me you do.  No sugar, No cholesterol, no nothing.  I am pretty much in great health with the exception of my obesity and my legs and I am determined to find out what is going on with those 2 issues.  I'm more focused than I have ever been.

So last night the hubby went to his sleep study and before he left he realized he hadn't eaten anything.  So he was like I'm going to go and get me a chicken burrito (may I just say Mexican food is one of my weaknesses.  mmm who am I kidding all food is my weakness lol)  So I tell him can you please bring me back a couple of chile rellenos which are stuffed chilis with cheese inside that are then dipped in egg and then fried.  He comes back with this container that is not chili rellenos but it is a salad with chicken and may I say it was completely amazing. I didn't even pay him and his burrito any attention.  I also had fresh chicharrones yesterday which were probably the best I have had in a very long time.  My concern is the pico de gallo.  I think I ate to much of it and it definitely had carbs.  Other than that I think I'm pretty good.  No sugar, no sodas - not even diet, has passed these lips.  Everyone keeps telling me how proud they are of me for trying to get healthy but it has truly only been 12 days and I have my struggles trust me.  But I have to say it is different this time.  I'm usually so tempted to eat out and cheat.  I would sneak out by myself and go buy me a candy bar or something.  I just can't do it this time because the only person I am hurting is myself.  And more than anything I CHOOSE NOT TO BE FATTER TOMORROW AND I CHOOSE TO BE HEALTHIER TODAY AND GOING FORWARD!!!

Yesterday's Intake
Breakfast-Deviled Eggs and Beef Weiners
Lunch-Fresh Chicharrones and pico de gallo
Dinner-Mexican Chicken salad
Lots of water


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