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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 20 and eating is now hard

I'm on Day 20 and I can't believe it has been 20 days.  It has also been 20 days where I still have not implemented some sort of exercising into my daily routine.  My daily morning routine is pretty established with the blogging so now I just need to inject some exercising and get up off my ass and do it.   Something fun such as the videos I found.  I am just so fearful of the pain.  Ok so Monday I'm going to do it.  That would be a good goal to focus on.  Even if I get through 1 minute it would be very simply to add another minute the next day.

Tomorrow is weigh in and I hope I don't see anymore added pounds.  Because last week that was completely and totally devastating.

Everyone keeps telling me that I need to eat more, which I completely agree.  The  problem is that I am dealing with two evils here.  My addiction and the desire to lose weight.  It is definitely a double edged sword.  In regard to my addiction I don't want to force myself to eat when I'm not hungry.  In regard to losing I need to eat more in order to lose.  It has gotten to a point where I'm just not hungry.  Yesterday for example I boiled 2 chicken breasts and 6 eggs.  I made deviled chicken eggs with cheese.  The problem is I couldn't eat the 2 chicken breast and only ate 4 of the eggs and gave the rest to my dd.  Next week I'm going to try and eat more meals throughout the day but like when I'm not hungry I just don't think about it.  Maybe I can set an alarm on my computer that prompts me to eat now!  Something's gotta work!!!

Yesterdays Intake
1 chicken breast with cheese
4 deviled eggs

Get completely prepared to start exercising each morning.


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