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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 17 the battle continues

It is now Day 17 whoo hoo!!  I can't believe I've made it this far.  There is a woman in one of the forums I belong to in LCF her name is Amber and she has been a total God send to me.  She has been posting on LCF her everyday struggles and accomplishments on quitting smoking.  She is at 7 days I believe as of yesterday.  I am feeling a little bit of that type of accomplishment myself today.  See food is how I have lived for quite some time.  I lived to eat instead of eating to live.  Now don't get me wrong I do have to say it totally helps that I am some what of a shut in.  I hardly ever have to deal with the outside world and its temptation.  Which is a part of what makes me think, why it is so difficult for me to get out of the house and take care of some business that I need to take care of.  But today is the day!  I feel super strong today!  I feel as if I can get completely dress and totally have no worries once I hit the outside world.  It is amazing how my life up until now has been so dictated by food.  I still have to fight, everyday is a struggle, especially when you are addicting to something.  But it is Day 17 and as of today I'm winning the battle.

One of the pluses of this diet is that you kind of lose your appetite.  Yesterday I had a couple of pieces of meat and didn't eat again until about 7:00pm last night.  It kind of helped that I was slammed yesterday with work (whoo hoo that is a good thing when a salesperson says they are slammed that means money money money lol).  If I can get slammed like that everyday I probably would hardly ever eat which I'm not sure is a good thing either.  I do however hate forcing myself to eat because of my addiction, I am trying to train myself mentally that I am only supposed to eat when I'm hungry.  Which is not all day anymore on this lifestyle.  But again it is Day 17 and as of today I feel that I'm winning the battle.

Yesterday's Intake
Couple of small pieces of leftover pork roast
Ground pork patties and frying cheese


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