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Monday, January 9, 2012

My Low Carb Friends

I am loving my membership at Low Carb Friends (LCF) so far I have to say this has been the best membership in terms of support that I have found.  I recently posted on this blog as well as on my journal on LCF how there are things that I miss that I WILL do again.

There is a friend on LCF who is such an amazing inspiration to me.  She has lost a ton of weight and I feel she definitely understands the place I am in now mentally and emotionally.   Here was her response to my posting which I now have to totally add to my list as well, with only 1 modification.

  1. Not being able to fit in a booth at a restaurant
  2. People asking when the baby is due!
  3. Asking for a seat extender on an airplane  
  4. Fitting in an airplane bathroom
  5. Being able to walk all over NYC and shop without worrying when my legs and feet would hurt
  6. Running
  7. Jumping
  8. Wondering if a plastic lawn chair would hold my fat butt
  9. Being too fat to ride the dolphin at the swim with the dolphins in Mexico that I paid $150 to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Not being able to haul myself up on a catamaran in the Caribbean! And needing 4 little guys to heave to pull me in!
  11. Finding out I was not a jellyfish but I have bones, actual bones!!!- I could never feel them before! That is the most exciting thing, laying in bed and saying what is this bone or this muscle? LOL
  12. Not being able to sleep on an air mattress
  13. Shopping only at Lane Giant and Avenue, I will never set foot in those 2 stores again!!!!!!!
  14. Watching football and they talked about a 300 pound big bruiser and I thought I wish I was as big as him
My additions are as follows: 
  1. Having to purchase two seats on an airplane or having the fear that they will make me get off because I am too heavy. 
  2. Never using an airplane or bus restroom.  
  3. Bringing my own chair to my friends for the fear that I make break theirs (It has happened)
All of these things are going to become a part of my past beginning tomorrow.  Because I'm going to do everything I can to change my future.


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