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Friday, November 23, 2012

Eat asparagus, prevent a hangover - Emily Main

Eat asparagus, prevent a hangover.

The leaves and shoots of this super-veggie contain enzymes that break down alcohol after heavy drinking, preventing a hangover, and even eating it the day after can tame one that is already making you miserable, according to Korean scientists. The best way to prevent a hangover, of course, is to avoid overindulging. Munch on some stalks before you head out or during your bar visit, though, and not only will you get the beneficial enzymes but your stomach will be full of food, which slows down your body's absorption of alcohol in the first place.

Wow I totally find this interesting.  Who knew that asparagus, which I love, helped cure hangovers.   There was a time in my life where a Sunday or sometimes a Saturday did not pass me by without a hangover.  Now with all of the meds I take I don't do much drinking but I sure will place this piece of information in my internal data bank ;o)


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