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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Your Other Medicine Cabinet - by Emily Main

Your Other Medicine Cabinet

Way back when Hippocrates was telling his compatriots to "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food," he wasn't just talking about laying off the ancient Greek equivalent of Twinkies. Pretty much every day-to-day health ailment can be cured with a healthy diet. He knew it then, and we know it now--we just prefer to take the easy way out and reach for a pill bottle or make an appointment with an M.D. That gets expensive, not to mention inconvenient, especially when the answer for what ails you--whether it's PMS or a mild case of the blues--is no further than your refrigerator.
If you are a regular visit of my blog I am sure you are aware that my health is not at it's best.  I'm back up to take 14 pills a day.  Some are the same kind that I have to take three times a day or twice a day but in terms of placing medication in my mouth I have to take 14 pills a day.  I am a true believer in alternative medicines such as marijuana, vegetables, acupuncture but I believe that you must know what is wrong with you before you can take those routes.  Not only that but I believe that your alternative medicine should be advised by some type of holistic doctor which could be more expensive than a regular MD/


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