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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cure kidney stones with lemonade - by Emily Main

Cure kidney stones with lemonade 

Kidney stones have become a more common health complaint than heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, according to figures released this year from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The number of people suffering from them has doubled in the past 13 years. If you fall into that crowd, start downing lemonade. Lemon juice has the highest levels of citrate of any citrus juice, and that citrate helps dissolve any calcium deposits that will eventually turn into kidney stones. Squeeze your own fresh lemons to make lemonade, or buy a commercial mix. Doctors say that you can get as much citrate as you need from regular old lemonade, without having to make your teeth curl by sucking on a raw lemon.
Kidney Stones is the one problem I don't seem to have; however, if lemonade is something that prevents them that could be why.  We love lemonade and lemon in my household especially my daughter.  That could be why she hasn't gotten them as well.  It's amazing how our maker has created things that we use in our day to day can prevent and cure ailments.  


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