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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 5 and so far so good

Well it is Day 5 on my eating lifestyle change and I am excited for what the day will bring.  I am trying so hard to be strict so that I get into ketosis quickly.  In terms of the other part of my lifestyle change I am super excited to report that I did reach my goal.  Bathroom is clean with the exception of the whole mopping.  As I move through this journey I only hope that the moving of my body will get easier and the tasks that are needed to be done to take care of me will get easier.

Yesterday I had 2 boiled chicken breasts with a concoction of scrambled sausage and ranch dressing (made it like a gravy) poured on top of it chopped with italian mix cheese.  It was super filling and actually pretty good.

I can definitely tell that my body is changing because I was literally not hungry for the rest of the day.  I totally forced myself to eat dinner which was a half of a baked chicken which I couldn't finish and ended up giving half of it away to my daughter.

I am really excited about the way my eating is changing my body I have more energy and I am ready to get moving.  Now if there was only more hours in the day!!!  ;o)

Goal until completed.  My goal date is Sunday
Room Cleaned to include clothes being washed folded and put away
To be in ketosis.


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