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Friday, October 5, 2012

Let’s do something together

 As I have posted before I love Kris Karr's approach at her health.  Being diagnosed with an incurable cancer is not easy for anyone but this woman is such an inspiration from her spirit to her approach of what she now places in her mouth in terms of the types of food. 

Below is an excerpt of her latest post that I myself would like to participate in:

Let’s do something together. First, I want to ask you a few questions. How does the food you’re eating make you feel? Energized and happy or sluggish and guilty? Are you treating your body like a temple or a trash can?

The food that I eat makes me feel that it is literally pimping me out. Not to the point of where the food itself is earning dollars but I feel the relationship exists.  It owns me and has always owned me, so it makes me feel like I am in this dysfunctional one-sided relationship, you know the one, where you love the guy more than he loves you. As a result of this dysfunctional relationship there is no way that my body feels like a temple, with all of the junk and unhealthy items it has to feel more like a receptacle can.  I can't even say a recyclable receptacle can at least that can is good for the environment.


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