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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Juicing is a part of my new life

It's crazy!!  I've been a food addict for most of my life.  And when I was trying to eat right I was deeply involved and believing in the Atkins lifestyle which I have done off and on for almost 16 years now.  But I have to say I am super excited about this new lifestyle.  Once I am done with my cleanse Juicing will become a part of my life.  Look forward to seeing a series of posts about juicing and the eating of fruits of vegetables.

According to the Idea Designs on Squidoo, here is the start of the series of Juicing.

Basics of Juicing. Feel Healthy, Do Organic!

Good Fruits and Vegetables to have on hand.
- Apples
- Red Grapes
- Strawberries
- Pineapple
- Melons (drink immediately)
- Citrus (Use a Citrus Juicer)

- Carrots
- Celery
- Cucumber
- Tomato
- Kale (Spinach or Broccoli)
- Lime (Nice Punch)
- Sweet Potato


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