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Monday, June 4, 2012

11 Juicing Tips

1 - Buy organic
2 - Wash thoroughly
3 - Always have carrots and apples on hand. (Last longer)
4 - Wrap greens around carrots, celery or cucumber to feed it through.
5 - Less pulp, less digestive processes, less hunger!
6 - Fresh is best, but canned or frozen can be used.
7 - Drink while it's fresh, to receive the most enzymes and nutrients.
8 - Juice can be stored for work in a insulated cooler, keep as cold as possible.
9 - Expensive at first, 7-14 days into a juice fast you will naturally cut down amount needed.
10 - Eventually you'll desire supplementing water or dilute with water.
11 - It'll get easier and easier as you go. Be patient. What use to take 1 hour will be cut in 1/2! You can do it too!


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