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Friday, June 8, 2012

I am a follower of a Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Life just when you think you have problems or think that things could be bad in your world just remember that it can always be worse.  Kris is so amazing to me, here she has been diagnosed with an incurable cancer and she has decided to take her life and specifically her health in to her own hands.  Oh and did I mention she is funny, entertaining, energetic, fun, positive, and so many more adjectives that I can't even think of right now.  Her incredible site which is chock full of information about taking better care of yourself has caused me to want to create an additional series.  lol!!!  We are going to call it Crazy Sexy Kris Speaks!!!  This is going to be excerpts of information that she has provided that I will share with you and then of course my own little synopsis as to why this matters to me, or why it has impacted me, or maybe it will be my aha moment.  I hope you like it.

This is an excerpt from The Crazy Sexy Manifesto by Kris Carr:
Each and every one of us has the power to ignite a wellness revolution in our kitchens.
Change now. Get juiced now. Learn to live like you really mean it and teach others to do the
same. By joining the revolution, you vow to wake up and take a stand for your well-being. No
one can take better care of you than wise, brilliant, capable, and STRONG you.
Wow!  I think I need to take this excerpt and get it printed and post it on my bulletin board which I look at everyday.  Juicing is something that is definitely changing my life.  I can relate to the Change Now!  Because that is definitely something I am doing.  I am also getting juiced now!!  I am actually rebooting as a whole for the next 30 days that is all I will be consuming.  So consider me a member of the revolution without question.  I need to make a vow to myself (If I can't keep a vow with myself then I really can't keep a vow with anyone)  To me the word vow is so much powerful than say a promise, right?  Promises are totally meant to be broken.  But a vow wow!  When I think of a vow I think of something that is concrete, stable, consistent, and definitive.

Feel Free to stop by Kris Carr's Sexy Life and get the Crazy Sexy Manifesto


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