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Monday, May 28, 2012

Day #2 and cranky

Well today is Day 2 and I'm super cranky this morning.  Obviously this cleanse is having a different affect on my husband.  He seems bubbly and happy.  I'm on the other hand cranky and pissed off.  The funny thing is I don't even know if it is about me being hungry necessarily.  I think I have depended on food for so long to make me happy (definitely a reflection of the addiction) that now without it I'm not exactly sure how to act.  lol!!!  I know that what I'm doing is going to better for me in the long run.   I just wish there was an easier way to do it.

I drank my tea last night and it was the most disgusting tasting thing I have ever had.  But it eventually grew on me to the point of where I was able to finish it.

I just have to keep my eye on the ball.  I can do this I know I can do this!!!


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