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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another Journey

Well I promised my husband that if we were not successful with Atkins this last time that we could try whatever he try.  He has chosen to do the Juicing.  I'm actually pretty excited about this whole journey we are about to go on because it kind of intersects with the future life I want to live.  My heart leads me to a lifestyle of country living.  I want a garden, and I want to raise chickens.  So this lifestyle of juicing and only eating fruits and vegetables is super cool

Now most people would call that becoming a vegetarian but I refuse to place a label on what I am going to attempt to become.  I love seafood, I love chicken, I even love some beef.  But it's funny I am realizing as I'm getting older that I simply do not have a desire for meat the way I used to, especially pork.

So for the summer we are going to become juice aholics I guess.  We are going to attempt use the same approach as Joe Cross from Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.


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