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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day #1 Before the juicing begins it's all about the cleanse

So before we begin juicing we have decided to cleanse our bodies.  So that the nutrients we take in will really have an affect on our bodies.

Day #1 to the lemonade cleanse and actually so far so good.  Along with the cleanse I am also doing a sea salt water flush which according to the Lemonade Site is supposed to "wash out the intestinal track".  I know that seems totally gross but when you have done as much damage to your body as I have you know deep down inside it is definitely needed.

I'm now on Day 1 of the cleanse and so far so good.  According the the Lemonade Site by Day Four it should present a large boost of energy which I am totally excited about experiencing.   Day #1 is here and almost closing and so far so good!!!  Day 2 here I come!!!


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