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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

10 Ways To Learn From Mistakes Series....Beliefnet Tip #3

10 Ways To Learn From Mistakes

Need2behealthy is a blog where I can journal about becoming healthy, to include physically, emotionally, and every other way that you can thing of.  I read this article on and thought that it would make a great little series, especially since it has been so long since I have done one.
Just because you made a mistake or an unwise decision doesn't mean your life is over. Learn from it and grow through the experience. These tips can help...
Tip #3
Don’t settle for what’s good and miss out on God’s best for your life. We've all done it but learn to stick to your standards and don’t let up for anyone.
I think that this is a difficult one for a lot of people.  See it is in our nature to want to be liked by everyone or even some, which means, that here or there in our lifetime we compromise our standards, which is not cool at all.  Lord knows I have settled especially in my relationships.  If you believe in God and you know, feel believe, and have faith that he is going to provide you with what is the best for your life than we as his children should stick to the standards that he has implemented for us.  It's just really that simple.


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