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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How many times will I have to take this journey?

This blog simply shows me that I have gone down this journey now about 3 times. Truth be told I have gone down this journey more than 3 times it's only been 3 times that I have blogged about it.  I will say that each time I have gone through it and have blogged about it I truly felt that this was going to be the time that it was going to work.  Basically if I am going to invest the time and the energy to actually blog about my journey than it is important enough to me that I feel that I can actually succeed at the journey.  Blogging definitely for me provides me a sense of therapy.

Well here we go on to a new attempt of healthy.   It is getting,  I'm sure,  not only old for others but definitely old for me to go down this journey once again.  My husband doesn't believe I have what it takes to truly be consistent with this lifestyle let alone be consistent with just simply taking care of myself, well as it stands it truly doesn't matter what he thinks or feels about me at this point.

I have to do this.  I have to be better to me that is all there is to it.  When I look at myself I wonder how did I get here?  I didn't used to be this person that doesn't take care of herself physically in terms of her health or just her normal hygiene and environment.  You couldn't beat me going to the hairdresser or to get me a new dress.  I lost it all somewhere in my process of getting larger.

I do want to live but more important I want to be happy!

So let the new journey begin!  I am moving to a new state and city for so many reasons but mostly my job and making more money.  With this job and doing other things I have been dying to do it is truly going to place me in a situation where I have to take care of me, my appearance, and my environment better.

Let the journey begin!


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