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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just to fat for words

I am so tired of having issues from being obese.  The doctor said that I needed to have an echocardiogram.  The people that do this come to my little town only twice a week. I go to have the echocardiogram and the technician asks me how much I weigh and he then proceeds to tell me that the machine will only hold up to 300 pounds and that I have to go into the city to have this done which is about an 1 hour in a half drive for me.  It is more embarassing than anything.

I am 5 days strong and I'm actually starting to feel a little bit better about my day to day.  It is super important for me that I begin to implement water or I am going to regret it.  Constipation is not fun and with not eating carbohydrates it is bound to happen.  I will just be so glad when I am in ketosis and the weight starts falling off and I start feeling better.

Today's intake

Coffee with sugar free creme
Cheese & Sausage Omelette
Diet Lipton Green Tea
2 hamburger patties
stir fried cabbage and squash


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